Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday best

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So we've all heard the term 'Sunday best', mostly for use in sentences that also come with 'church', 'mass' and possibly 'behave yourselves inside!' Me, I'm a free thinker, so my Sundays are usually along the lines of rolling out of bed between the hours of 11am-3pm, blearily stumbling to the kitchen zombie-like and sticking my head in the fridge hoping for leftovers. The rest of the day sees me either lounging in bed with a book or lounging in bed with my laptop, dinner usually ordered in. You can imagine that for most Sundays, dressed up = pajamas from Topshop. Let's not even talk about my hair.

I'm accustomed to wearing nothing more than slippers and shorts on Sundays, so much so that the lack of effort usually manages to manifest itself even when I do "dress up". Today's outfit is the perfect example of my occasional slothlike tendencies: 3 separates that require me to do nothing more than pulling them on (no zips, no fuss), shoes that I practically just walk into and of course, a fedora so I don't have to bother with hair product. I even considered going bare-lipped, as you can see in the last photo, but unfortunately looking like a ghost has yet to be socially acceptable.

A little trick I've learned is to just pile stuff on. Layers, accessories, everything (but never makeup. Dear God no)! It makes you look like you give a toss, even if you don't. Also, statement pieces. Also, is having a up-to-70% storewide sale. Call it my good deed for the day.


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