Thursday, 13 June 2013

Oh hello Summer.

IMG_1242 IMG_1244 IMG_1252 IMG_1255 IMG_1249 IMG_1258 IMG_1260 IMG_1263 IMG_1265 Cardigan Emoda Top & Pants ASOS Shades Thierry Lasry Shoes Jeffrey Campbell Ring YSL Necklace Valentim Quaresma 

I dug out this old beach hat from my trip to Phuket about 2 years ago and given how I was going there again on the day I shot this look, I thought it was only appropriate to make it part of my outfit. Granted, I'm holding it a little excessively in this series of shots. Chalk it up to one of those 'Why Mona, why?' moments.

Anyway. How much do I love these pants? They're off-the-charts comfortable, work for both day and night AND in monochrome. I added some gold touches to this look to channel that bye-honey-I'm-off-to-the-Hamptons-to-buy-a-beach-house! feel. Hey, a girl can dream.

Speaking of the beach, even though it was practically raining every day I was in Phuket (I literally did not use a drop of sunblock), I miss being there like crazy! That laid-back vibe and oh lordy lord the food. SIGH. Fingers crossed I'll be going back in August. For now, its back to work full steam ahead!



  1. love this look so much. in love with your pants...


    1. ASOS! But they're super long. I had to chop off 4 inches to get them to this length. Then again I'm pretty short haha.