Sunday, 16 June 2013

Inner child

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Top & Jeans Stylenanda Shoes Unif Accessories G-Shock, A|X and Hong Kong Bag Alexander Wang

So this is a first- blogging about an outfit the same day I wore it. Hooray me. Today I went for what I'll call Hobo Chic, complete with a hat that's so ancient that the brim has lost its will to live. The ripped  denim was an obvious choice for trying to look fashionably homeless, as is the oversized practically-a-dress top. Heels were a must because without them, I looked so short it was actually kind of funny.

I dragged the sick boyfriend (I suck majorly) down to the playground opposite my blog to shoot this (love you hun). I pretty much only shoot these photos in the day, but I felt like playing with the otherwise unused inbuilt flash on my camera today. I would also like to point out that I really miss the old playground that lies under this plastic 'its-safer-for-kids-now!' monstrosity. I mean, what wrong with sand? And swings? What could anyone possibly have against swings?

Btw fellow Singaporeans, TOMORROW IS TRAINING SHED!!!!!!!


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