Monday, 28 May 2012

Hola from Madrid!

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Here's a huge ass photo of my face to keep this space alive while I struggle with super lousy wifi here in Spain. My plan was to blog every time I go to a new country but it seems I won't be able to blog about Paris until Barcelona, if their internet is fast enough. Got a crazy amount of photos!

I have been lurking in the hotel lobby to use BBM and Whatsapp because that's the only place my phone can get a signal -___-

Anyway. Europe has been awesome. The weather is perfect, even if the sun is blindingly bright. Forced to pick up some sunblock because I can totally feel a tan coming on. We're going to watch a bullfight later (don't really approve but how often am I going to get the chance to) and i'm starving now so i'm off to find me some legit churros.

Might just drag my laptop down to the lobby later and blog about Paris.

Have a good week ahead y'all xx

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