Sunday, 9 June 2013

Foray into suburbia

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IMG_1178 IMG_1204 IMG_1210 IMG_1203 IMG_1224 IMG_1232 IMG_1236 Top Osmose Skirt ASOS Heels Jeffrey Campbell Bag Louis Vuitton Accessories Hong Kong, Tiffany's & Bangkok

How to interpret this look- mom from suburbia hell (think desperate housewives, not that my life plans include going in that direction god forbid) or the cool teacher? I think I've managed to dress myself a couple of years older but I like the simple sophistication I think I'm projecting. Keyword: think.

So anyway. I received this skirt a couple of days ago and after sending it to the tailor's to get 5 inches chopped off (I ought to get a discount for all the fabric I end up getting rid of. Curse my short Asian genes), I was super excited to wear it out! I love leather and I love perforated anything so this skirt is pretty much a dream come true. I styled this look with this particular pair of heels because if I'm going to look like a suburban mom, I'm going to be a cool one goddammit.

In other news, I'll be flying off to Phuket for the next few days and camera aside (and phone and facial cleanser and ipod and you get the idea) the boyfriend and I have agreed to go technology free for this trip. Ergo, no posts for the next few days but I promise plenty of pictures when I get back!


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