Sunday, 23 June 2013

90's throwback

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Yesterday's town/movie/party outfit was sort of inspired by the 90's- you know, loud prints, denim and stuff tied around the waist. I paired it with a more structured bag to make the look a little more polished and since I am yet to wear sneakers seriously, these chunky heels I love pairing with this pair of jeans. I'm quite surprised by how this look turned out! I don't usually wear such light colour combinations unless it's all-white or something along those lines but I really liked how it turned out. Funny how outfits in your head can turn out quite different after you put it on.

I'm just back from Pasarbella and it's practically a dream come true ever since I read about farmer's markets overseas. If you haven't visited, the ridiculous journey is totally worth it, so go already!


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