Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fun with alcohol and friends

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I won't be doing a proper outfit post about my Lasalle Show outfit- it was a really hectic day and god forbid I get all sweaty on a day I need to look polished and professional. Anyway I'm essentially just a walking human disco ball- not much I can say about this look except when in a roomful of extremely talented designers and you want to stand out, being obvious is the only way to go. My dress/shoes actually got more compliments than my work fml.

A bunch of us went down to The Butter Factory after the show for an unofficial after party and it was the party I've dreamed of since I started at Lasalle. Little secret: I've always wanted to go to prom. The entire experience of buying the perfect dress, worrying about getting a date and getting ready with friends was something I could only live through through books and movies (mostly the buying a perfect dress part) because my high school didn't arrange for prom. This wasn't quite prom in the traditional sense but it definitely comes close enough. I mean, I got to celebrate my graduation with my best friends around me in the most obnoxious gold dress in like, ever, scoff plenty of booze and have my boyfriend on the decks- I guess I really can't complain! Also, I woke up the next day wondering how I got home oops. Kids, alcohol is bad for you.


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