Monday, 17 February 2014

Love Day

IMG_5134 IMG_5130 IMG_5153 IMG_5175 IMG_5204
Dress Nastygal 
Clutch Maison Martin Margiela 
Heels Jennifer Chou via Solestruck 

One of the things about dating a DJ is that you tend to find yourself in clubs quite often, which means you never have enough party dresses. I don't really blog about my party outfits but for the most part, I just piece separates together and throw on a bunch of bling. For special occasions though, I do like dressing up and behold, the dress I got for the Valentine's weekend. Also, DJ Craze who happened to be on tour in Asia played at the club my boyfriend works at on Saturday. How can you possibly not dress up for that?

It's quite a statement piece, so I didn't want to burden it with too many accessories and kept it pretty minimal. I've got some plans to wear this out in the day, and seeing how I work from home, am pretty excited about that. I don't actually get to dress up much these days. =O

Anyway, a belated Happy Valentine's Day to y'all out there! I know its a pretty Hallmark-y day, but having a day specially for celebrating love and friendship, is not a bad thing at all in my books.



  1. omgosh love the dress but def not something u wanna get drunk in OLOLOLOLOL speaking of which, fuck i miss clubbing man - loon in the house

  2. Look at my new post, you're in it.