Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Boracay 2014 Photo Diary

IMG_5316 IMG_5208 IMG_5336 IMG_5389IMG_5272 IMG_5290 IMG_5323 IMG_5340 IMG_5342 IMG_5353 GEDC6759 GEDC6760 GEDC6793 IMG_5371 IMG_5386 IMG_5362 IMG_5387 IMG_5368 IMG_5400 IMG_5419 IMG_5443 IMG_5444 IMG_5453 IMG_5472 IMG_5482 IMG_5497 IMG_5516

If you follow me on Instagram (@modemayhem), you'd know that I was in Boracay over the weekend! Which explains my lack of posts again- that pre and post vacation workload. I came home to a bunch of stuff I bought though, so proper outfit posts soon!

Boracay was like a dream in so many ways. I was there for such a short time that it did almost feel like something I experienced in my sleep, but I would never have been able to dream up waters that blue or feel how soft the sand was between my toes. I had an amazing time, despite my deep rooted suspicions of the sun's evil UV rays. I went there partly for work too, and everyone was so incredibly efficient, generous and welcoming that it made the trip as close to perfect as humanly possible. If only Singapore was more like that.

I'm definitely going back sometime soon- for much, much longer the next time round.