Saturday, 14 December 2013

Paris, day 2

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Jacket and Skirt Topshop Top Asos Bag and Earrings Chanel

While everyone is being cool at getting drunk at Zoukout, I've decided to stay in this year because a) I really despise how sand gets in literally, everything and b) I guess I'm getting a little old? Anyways.

I shot this look at the Jardin du Luxembourg and I cannot get over how perfect the lighting was (more photos below)! This look was semi inspired by the full skirts of the Renaissance period -albeit without the layers and thank god, corsets- which I thought was quite fitting amidst the architecture of Paris! It also happened to be in one of those shades of green I actually find quite lovely. I made the upper half of me edgier, to balance out the femininity of a full maxi skirt, although the jacket isn't as nipped in at the waist as I'd like. Funnily enough, someone shot me in this look while we were out shopping, but I didn't think to ask which publication she was from so I guess I'll never get to see how those photos turned out. #whymonawhy #dumbmoment

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How incredibly lucky to get view like this in your city!
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And how amazing would it be to have a garden like this to chill/run at?
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Dinner that night (and several more) was a home cooked one, because there is no way I'm living in an apartment with a fully functional kitchen and not using it! Ingredients courtesy of the markets in Saint Germain.

  IMG_3782IMG_3783 IMG_3784 IMG_3785 OOTD HAHAHA jk.

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