Thursday, 12 December 2013

An asian in winter + Paris photo diary (day 1)

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I've been MIA again, I know, but I've got a really good reason this time. I've spent the last week tramping around the beautiful, beautiful city of Paris and for obvious reasons, am loathe to back in this wretched humidity where no good croissants exist. Le sigh.

This was my first time as grown adult (an arguable point, admittedly) I've visited a country in winter and coming from a place with 24/7 tropic climes, I was really excited at the prospect of layering and wearing knee-high boots everywhere. On hindsight, I did love the cold weather but I know its vastly different experiencing it as a tourist and as a resident! I can image that the cold can get sickening after awhile (like having to bundle up just go out for a 5 minute smoke).

(I'll be blogging mostly about my Paris sojourn and me in winter gear for the better part of this week so I ask you guys to kindly be patient with my reminiscing and impracticality of coats in local SEA weather.)

So anyway. This was my outfit on the first day! I tried to be a hero initially, and wear just knee socks with my boots, but that failed miserably after walking around for a few hours in the wind. Another monochromatic outfit with touches of green, in the spirit of Christmas. Also, I've been obsessed with bling in my ears recently, so you'll be seeing a bit more of that in the coming posts/OOTDs!

At the train station from the airport! I gotta give it to the city- public transport in amazing! There are metros left right center, bus stops everywhere and in certain arrondissements, trams. I swear I've never taken so much public transport in my life, willingly.
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  1. Love the polo neck leather top!