Sunday, 31 March 2013

Shining lights

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2013-03-30 21.38.53 2013-03-30 21.39.04 2013-03-30 21.38.39 2013-03-30 21.41.53 2013-03-30 21.39.38 Dress Topshop Clutch Online| Shoes Jeffrey Campbell Necklaces Emoda & Singapore|Far East Plaza 

I haven't done any OOTD shots with my iPhone ever since I decided such laziness will get me no where in life, but I think the noise (graininess) kind of works here. I didn't plan to take any photos of this outfit but after a) practically sweating to death in it (it's leather) and b) I mean, look at that awesome backdrop, I did anyway and I apologize about the quality.

I've been looking for an envelope-ish clutch that isn't by Givenchy (one day..) for the longest time because the ones I see in stores around here are made of a material that doesn't deserve to even be called faux leather. You know the type- super thin and unstructured. So I was pretty happy to find this on Stylenanda! Its not as structured as I'd like but the fact it doubles as a really big mirror? Sold. Also, wearing 2 necklaces at once because apparently, my clutch isn't attention seeking enough.

I can't believe the long weekend flew by just like that le sigh. Enjoy the last few hours of the weekend everyone- I'm going to go binge on the ridiculously sweet cupcakes my friend made.


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