Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Dazed & Confused with Anton Tang

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IMG_9164_Edit IMG_9166 IMG_9162 IMG_9172 IMG_9170 IMG_9180 IMG_9174 IMG_9154 IMG_9083 IMG_9923 Top Bangkok Skirt EGG3|SINGAPORE Shoes Irregular Choice Necklace Paris

I helped out with my friends' shoot earlier this year and I cannot believe I'm only blogging about it now. In all honesty, part of the reason is because I'm under the weather and my face is even more unprepared for the camera than usual. Also, I thought these super colourful photos would liven up this space a little!

Behold, one of my favourite skirts that my boyfriend insists on calling a poncho (NOT A PONCHO, BEN). It's got this futuristic/avante garde look about it, don't you think? For this look, I paired it with a faux leather lattice top to contrast the textures and threw on that necklace for a pop of colour!


In case you're wondering, all these photos were shot by my very talented friend and schoolmate, Anton Tang! He's also pretty famous for his Danboard photos (like the one above), which are totally worth checking out by the way notsosubtlehinthint.

I'm off for another round of bland ass porridge and medicine. PLEASE LET ME BE WELL BY TOMORROW.


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