Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Boyfriend everything

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Top and Shorts Topman Blazer Online Shoes United Nude iPhone Case Nastygal Bracelet Iker Ortiz

This look was inspired by nothing more than the desire to wear man pants, these being a lucky snag from Topman! I occasionally browse Topman for clothes because certain pieces like these shorts hang nicely on my frame in a way women's only hope to. Keeping in with the baggy, hobo-ness of this look, I also chucked on my oversized blazer and will be calling this look 'deconstructed formal' if anyone asks why I deliberately chose to drown myself in fabric.

I'm completely obsessed with the heel of this shoe, which was inspired by the Eamz chair! It feels like regular pumps -in case anyone is wondering- and so ridiculously comfortable. United Nude has some really architectural shoes, so needless to say, 50% of the collection is on my wishlist. Oi vey.


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