Thursday, 28 February 2013

Featuring: Vivienne Kelly

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So today I finally keep my promise of introducing this great jewelry line! Guys, this is Vivienne Kelly.

I love statement pieces. Mostly because my wardrobe tends to stay monochromatic, I need loud, crazy, out-there pieces to amp things up a little. These earrings (and pretty much the entire webstore) by Vivienne Kelly does exactly that. I had guys, guys, coming up and telling me my earrings were 'dope'. Imagine that!

Let me just put it on the record and say I adore them. I'm not usually an earrings person but come on, look at these. They're so graphic dammit. The shape is brilliant and that colour combination cannot get more perfect.

Best of all, they go from casual to dressy almost too easily (I'm planning to wear them with a plain black cocktail dress the next time I'm out partying).

Here are some other pieces I'm in love with. I'm never going to save enough money for New York at this rate (ironically, Vivienne Kelly is based in NYC).







PS: All items are made of wood and best of all, hand painted! 

Nothing, and I mean nothing beats unique pieces like these. I guess what I like the best about Vivienne Kelly is that all the pieces aren't just jewelry, they're also little pieces of really, really affordable art! All available at!


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