Saturday, 19 May 2012

Ceiling Fans

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Mad tired from the gym today so i'm blogging from my phone cause i'm too lazy to get up and open my laptop. I swear if someone told me to go downstairs to pick up $10 000 I might say no.

Went to the P.S Cafe branch at Palais Renaissance (next to the Thai Embassy) for dinner. Didn't bring my digicam out so y'all gonna have to put up with my shitty phone pictures. Don't get me wrong, I love my bb but the camera seriously. Last warning.

The Big Nihon, I believe it was called. Very refreshing salad of soy-cured salmon, edamame and soba.

Truffle fries! I was craving them otherwise I wouldn't have ordered them. The smell of truffle oil is crazy but for some reason that isn't reflected in the taste. I still say the one at Merry Men is the best in Singapore.

Beef and mushroom stew with roast vegetables. This was the star. The beef was really tender and the vegetables had just enough crunch to them.

I like the P.S Cafe restaurants. I noted some slight variations in the menus between the Dempsey Hill and the Palais Renaissance outlets but everything else is the same. It's a great place to have decent food in a relaxed atmosphere. We saw alot of couples there too, because it is not a bad place for a dinner date. Must be the dim lighting making everyone look better. Kidding.

TGIF! Too tired to party today but i'm looking forward to the weekend. Y'all have a great weekend ahead!

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