Thursday, 23 January 2014

Light of the Arctic Sun

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Top The Arctic Sun
Jeans Pull & Bear 
Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs
Heels Jeffery Campbell 
Necklace Vintage Celine
Rings YSL/H&M

Big ups to the lovely people behind the brand new online shop, The Arctic Sun (love the name) for this kickass fringed camisole! This outfit is my take on the standard jeans-and-cami look, which is not something I do very often but because I was going cocktail tasting yesterday, it was perfect- casual but still kinda dressy at the same time.

I'll admit that I'm not the biggest fan of blogshops. The first couple of times I purchased from popular local online stores, I was completely appalled at the quality of the product and swore never to waste money again, clutching the fabric and cursing the heavens. There are exceptions to the rule of course, some sell really good quality apparel, but it wasn't a risk I felt was worth taking. So for the longest time I shopped on trusted international sites, but this, this might be a game changer yet.

I was pleasantly surprised, no, shocked at the quality of the camisole. It's fantastic. I've been studying it under light and examining the detailing and let's just say, its good to go, and I'm a huge stickler for these sorts of things. I'll be going to Boracay next month (ermahgawd can't wait) and this top is definitely coming along with me. The fringing is going to look amazing against the backdrop of sand and sea.

Check them out at: Webstore // Facebook // Instagram

PS: I knotted the shoulder straps because it's cut low in the front and I wasn't wearing the right bra -long story-. If you're thinking if purchasing it, its about an inch longer in the front. 


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  1. Love the shoes, they´re super cool!


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