Saturday, 9 November 2013

Alexander McQueen SS14

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Talk about "you can't sit with us".

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It's roughly that time of year again where I'll a) steal photos off, b) gush over the images like a little schoolgirl and c) wish my dad was an oil sheik. Kidding I love my dad exactly the way he is, although it would be cool if I didn't have to sneak new shoes past him all the time.

So Alexander McQueen. I'm really digging this collection! The clothes and shoes are such a perfect balance of fantasy and real-world its unreal. I love how the looks seamlessly ease into the next, despite the drastic differences in colour. I love the toughness contrasted with the feminine silhouettes, the incredible detailing and oh my god those shoes. Every look is such a show-stopper, but when you really disassemble the individual pieces, you're in awe at how wearable they really are, which is really the beauty of the whole thing. Plus, don't you kinda want to be part of this cool-ass tribe and storm the streets of New York or something?

Fashion designers often speak about how their surroundings inspire their creations, but we never quite hear enough about how fashion can be inspiring. When I was in art school and I had assignments like designing posters and whatnot, one of my main sources of inspiration would always be taken from runway looks. A lot of people dismiss clothes as just well, clothes. And its understandable that few red-blooded males would watch a runway video of stick thin models glaring down upon the unworthy masses. But if you take all that aside, fashion is just another physical manifestation of art. If we can appreciate a nicely design poster, chuckle at cleverly crafted sentences and drool at a plate of perfectly seared steak, then we too can marvel at the intricate detailing of Dior, and as seen, Mcqueen. Appreciate the clean lines of Balenciaga and Celine and so on. Of course, I get that fashion ain't everyone's thing but I really dislike it when people just dismiss it without seeing fashion beyond pieces of fabric.

... which concludes all the brain power I'm expending for the rest of Saturday. The rain's started and I've got a long list of shows to catch up on. Happy weekend errone!

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