Sunday, 11 August 2013

Check the right boxes

IMG_2076 IMG_2070 IMG_2067
Jacket Topshop Top Bangkok Skirt Something Borrowed Collection Shoes Jennifer Chou Sunglasses Far East Plaza|Singapore

Ignore the cheesy title and let's talk about these shoes. I love how amazingly neon they are for starters, I mean, how do they force so much glow-iness into a pair of shoes?! You'd think that this particular obnoxious shade would be harder to pair but they really go with practically everything. What I really love is how they sort of look (and probably will be the closest to) like athletic shoes! Btw, they come in white now and yes, it IS okay to have the same pair of shoes in different colours.

Nothing much to update in the life department- I go to work on weekdays and I party on weekends. Which reminds me, I'm starting a little new something and once everything is finalized, I promise I'll blog about it!



  1. Your checkered skirt is super hot and I loooove your platforms! So fierce.

    Xo, Hannah

  2. Haha it's impossible to have too many shoes, so heck, why not get them in as many colours as possible ;)

    And I completely agree, they do have a sporty kind of vibe! :)

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  3. love the gorgeous minimalism <3


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