Thursday, 25 July 2013

Houndstooth and Vespas

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Top Thailand Jumpsuit Miss Selfridge Sunglasses Far East Plaza | Singapore iPhone case Kate Spade

A quick update! This was an outfit I wore to the Spaced Out Show's official launch last week, which I helped to plan and organize! I'm happy to say everything went super smoothly and I've got some great footage from the launch that I have yet to find time to piece together- but I'll definitely share it here when I get it done!

I think overalls/jumpsuits/playsuits/whatever is a great staple piece for everyone's wardrobe, irregardless of your style because its just a versatile piece. I paired it with my mirrored sunnies and a houndstooth top for a little more of an edgy vibe (ignore the slippers, it was a BBQ launch). Also, how great are Vespas for shooting? Particularly pastel coloured ones with wicker baskets! My friend has this great Vespa and c'mon, it's a great prop!

I apologize for the lack of posts, my new employment status has me busy from 10-7 every day and I now appreciate the weekends more, but I promise more posts soon (I'm finally getting the hang of waking up at 8am)!


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