Thursday, 26 December 2013

Paris, Day 7

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A quick OOTD shot at the top of the Arc de Triomphe- the OOTD to end all OOTDs of the trip haha. Ascending it was a nightmare in a pencil skirt, fyi. Decided to try something preppy-ish, because I don't really get to do the sweater-over-a-collared-shirt thing back home without losing like, 40% of my water weight.

We visited a flea market! I've always wanted to rummage through the Portebello flea market in London ever since I read about it in a book so this was my chance to do so without having to cross the Channel. There were tons of things ranging from books to clothes to crockery- some possibly antiques but unfortunately I don't know how to spot them!

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Then it was off to L'atelier de Joel Robuchon for lunch! I dined at the one in Hong Kong several years back and I've been meaning to go back with Ben, because he is such a potato freak and they do the most fatteningly incredibly mash.

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At this point, one of the waiters (who is funnily enough, moving to Singapore to work for the outlet here) took my camera and went shooting in the kitchen. Lucky me, behind the scenes at L'Atelier!

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And this post marks the last of the Paris series! We had one last day because we had a late flight, but I just didn't feel like lugging my camera around anymore haha. Paris is a truly beautiful city, the perfect amalgamation of old world charm and modern conveniences. I absolutely loved every minute I was there and I already have plans to go back in 2014! There's still so many streets I haven't explored, so many brasseries I haven't dined in and pieces of history I have yet to properly absorb (also, I have yet to buy Chanel from Paris). The next time I'm there though, I aim to be as fluent as possible in French!

Back in real time, I had the best Christmas dinner last night and I hope everyone out there had a Christmas that was filled with love and all the other fuzzy warm feelings associated with. Will be blogging about it soon!