Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Simple things.

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I spend the weekend helping out at the Just Nice/O$P$ booth at Comic Con. Now, i'm the last person I know who would be seen at Comic Con, but I had fun. Plus Ben bought me this awesome pair of kitty paws, which for some reason made me feel a lot happier than I did buying Chanel.

Which made me think, i've been blogging so much about shopping and outfits and eating out and partying that someone who doesn't know me would think i'm some air-headed materialistic party girl. (Not that I care, mind you, it's just a random thought, and I promise this is leading to somewhere).

We chase happiness, or rather, we try to bury all that innate unhappiness through materialistic and tangible means, often too busy doing so to realize that the concept of happiness is not so straightforward. (I have zero idea why i'm thinking such things at 2am when I have a thousand deadlines to meet in 12 hours but there you go.) Am I happy? Right now, despite having face cream slathered all over, in crappy pajamas and my hair a mess (everything I would hate if it were day time) I am. Maybe it's because of a certain someone who is taking up half the bed space as I type this, or maybe it's the knowledge that i'm skipping morning class tomorrow, who knows. I do know though, that I wouldn't trade any of this for all the Chanel or YSL in the world.

It's really about the simple things, specifically, YOUR simple things. Happiness is fleeting, there is no denying that. It lasts for only a moment before it's gone. I think the sooner we understand that and be appreciative of those albeit fleeting moments, the closer we'll come to understanding it. I know the whole concept of happiness isn't so simple but maybe we should ask ourselves why we keep questioning and making it a hell lot more complicated than it already is.

I've been so wrapped up with school and going out recently that I haven't really had the time to actually process the last 5 weeks. When it gets intense I tend to get caught up in it all without realizing how fast i'm going? It's a cliche but I do try to stop and smell the roses, it makes me a little happier and hey, not complaining! I'm glad I went to Comic Con, I needed it (and I won't ever say another snide thing about it again).

xx Have a good week kids!

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