Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Reptile green

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Top & Skirt Bag & Sandals Hong Kong Sunglasses Zara

Everyday I walk past these incredibly photogenic steps to get to school, so I did what any self-respecting narcissist would do- coerce a friend into shooting me under the extremely unforgiving sun. Thanks Kevin. And I'm kidding about the narcissist bit, although this blog might say otherwise.

I got these sandals during my recent jaunt to Hong Kong, and believe me, I think I was more surprised than anyone else that I bought flats (I really don't like being 5' 4). I'm definitely not a green (colourwise) person, but this particular shade of lime green just so happens to fall into what I consider acceptable. Also, it definitely doesn't hurt that they remind me slightly of Alexander Wang.

Did I mention that this top makes me feel like a hot air ballon? Ok I guess I just did. I contrasted its balloon-yness with a structured wool miniskirt, and yes, I said wool. The heat must be getting to me; wearing wool in this weather probably says something about my sanity (or lack thereof).

Just 2 more days to the weekend everyone!


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