Monday, 1 October 2012

Dat O$P$

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So yesterday was the O$P$ prelaunch party and it was insaneeee! I've been to Butter so many times that if I had a penny for each time... you get the idea, but this was definitely one of the best parties ever! I didn't even drink that much too.


Top self made Jeans Hong Kong Shoes Jeffery Campbell Clutch Marc B
Outfit for the night! What else would I wear? The top was a regular tshirt and seeing how i don't/rarely wear tshirts, I chopped off the sleeves and cut a huge triangle in the back. Forgot to take a picture of that though.

[wpvideo U3Jjxkp1]

A little of what you missed!

It's Sunday, which means NFL and mooncakes! Makes the thought of it being Monday tomorrow slightly more bearable.



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