Monday, 25 March 2013

Hong Kong Photo Diary: Day 3

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Dress Stylenanda Sunglasses Zara Earrings Vivienne Kelly Sneakers CDG x Converse Cuff Fannie Schiavoni

This entry marks the end of my Hong Kong '13 series, which will honestly be the last of any Hong Kong series for a while. I've been to the city so many times in the past year, its gotten a little excessive. Some buffer time needed, you know?

Speaking of series, if you read my old posts here and here, you'd notice that I wore dresses for my entire trip. I wish I could be cool and say it was a personal challenge/project but nah. I just wanted to pack as light as possible. Tip: dresses seriously cut down the number of clothes you have to pack and also, they're comfortable as hell. Plane rides are fun for the first 10 minutes but when you want to squirm after, you don't want to do it in something tight or crumples easily.

Borrowed sneakers for the last day because I foresaw running, last minute shopping and a whole bunch of other activities best not done in heels. I might actually go pick up a pair for myself now- they're soooo comfortable and that PLAY heart makes for an irony I find hilarious.






We're back to Monday. unfortunately. Luckily I've got Russell Peters tonight to look forward to! How do you chase away your Monday blues?


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